Pakenham Jewellers has been around in Pakenham for many years and its present owners, David and Sandra Rumble, have been running the store for more than 2 decades.

David has 40+ years experience working at the Jewellers bench and is able to perform a wide variety of repairs and remakes.

The majority of our work involves repairing and altering existing pieces of jewellery. For example rejoining a chain, reclawing stones or perhaps resizing a ring. We see a lot of damaged rings that in most cases we can repair. We also major in restoring old jewellery or making something new from your old jewellery. Some of which you can see in our blog.

All jewellery work is done on the premises with a very few exceptions, for example we may need to source a matched replacement stone or replace watch glass, but will only be sent away with your permission.

As the jewellery industry is very much based on trust; honesty and integrity are important to us in our relationship with our customers. We have long established relationships with many of our clients.

Your Design
You may have some old gold or precious stones or outdated jewellery that you would like to put back to use. With over forty years of experience, David has been custom designing and creating jewellery that fits your specifications. Your ideas are very welcome and assist in the designing and making of the finished piece. Working together we like to check that the piece is progressing to your satisfaction.

We only sell Adina Watches in store. Components for Adina Watches are sourced from overseas, and hand assembled in Queensland, Australia.
We also offer a watch repair service, minor repairs like replacing old batteries and bands usually are done in store while you wait. Major repairs need to be outsourced to a professional watchmaker.

We hope to see you soon
David, Sandra and Connie look forward to your visit to our old fashioned jewellers shop.