Christmas Gift Guide

With Christmas sneaking up on us quickly, we’ve put together a Christmas Gift Guide. It features 10 items, three each chosen by Connie and Joy, and four chosen by jeweller David.

Heart anklet

Heart Anklet
A minimal but very cute anklet. Perfect if you want to gift a piece of jewellery but don’t want to go over the top with bling.
We also have earrings and a bracelet (with 10 hearts) in the same set.
Chosen by Connie

Dragon head pendant

Dragon Head Pendant Necklace
This is the piece that will make a statement. It’s a real talking piece and quite unusual.
Find out more about this necklace here
Chosen by David

Peridot and Pearl Earrings

Christmas Drop Earrings
These earrings instantly reminded me of Christmas, being green, red and white. They’re colourful and fun.
They are also a cheaper item so would be great as a gift for older kids or teens, where you don’t want to give expensive jewellery, or one they could buy to wear themselves.

Find out more about these earrings:
Carnelian and Pearl
Peridot and Pearl
Chosen by Joy

Blue topaz stud earrings

Blue Topaz Stud Earrings
Blue topaz has been really popular this year, and who can argue. Everyone loved the diamond and topaz ring David made a few months ago, and the square ring we featured last month. We’ve actually almost sold out of our blue topaz jewellery at the moment, but had to feature these beautiful earrings as one of our gift picks.

Find out more about these earrings here
Chosen by Connie

Tri colour banded man's ring

Men’s Tri-Colour Ring
This is one of my favourite rings in the shop. It’s chunky and not feminine, but has the three gold colouring for something a bit different.

Find out more about this ring here
Chosen by David

Tri colour diamond ring

Women’s Tri-Colour Ring
This ring is also one I quite like, but the design and diamonds are more suited for a female. It would make a great compliment to the Men’s Tri Colour Ring for a couples present.

Find out more about this ring here
Chosen by David

Pendeloque Rose de France Amethyst

Amethyst Drop Necklace
This is one of our newest pieces of Jewellery available, recently made right here by David. It’s very elegant and soft in colour with a lot of sparkle.

Find out more about this necklace here
Chosen by Joy

Men’s Watch
This is a gift I would choose for myself or someone like me: a man and a hobby farmer. The Adina Countrymaster mens watches are designed for reliability and working in harsh conditions.
Chosen by David

Chrysoprase Stud Earrings

Chrysoprase Stud Earrings
These apple green stud earrings have a nice antique feel to them because of their green on dark yellow gold colouring.

(now sold)
Chosen by Connie

Charm Bracelet and Charms
I chose a charm bracelet and charms partially because I had one when I was little, and I think they’d be a great keepsake gift for younger children.
Each charm is chosen because it means something for that person, so it may be a pet, hobby they’re into, their name initial, somewhere they’ve lived etc. And it can be added to each year for Christmas or birthdays.
Chosen by Joy

You are welcome to give us a call, 5941 1853, or send us an email if you have any questions, or drop in to the shop when we are open, 164 Main St, Pakenham, for a viewing – no appointment necessary.


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