Alternative gift ideas

What to get for the person who has everything?
If the person you’re buying for loves jewellery but has everything they you could possibly think of buying for them, there are some alternatives!

Having some of their jewellery cleaned is a fairly quick process, and can give the piece new life.
If you want to see how different a cleaned piece of jewellery can look, check out our post with some before and after photos.

The worst thing is having a favourite piece of jewellery that can’t be worn because it’s been damaged.
We can repair most jewellery, from rings that have been accidentally run over or gemstones that need replacing, to bracelets with broken links.
Repair times can vary depending on what needs to be done and if we have to order replacement pieces in. So it is best to give us a call, drop in to the shop with the piece of jewellery, or take a photo and email it to us, so we can let you know rough time frames.

We resize rings on site, so if the person you are buying for has a favourite ring that is too large or too small we can help.
This one is a bit trickier to do without their knowledge as we will need to find out what size their finger is to resize the ring accurately. So if you do want to give a ring resize for Christmas as a surprise you may need to bring in another ring they wear (on the same finger), or you can give them a gift voucher to bring in afterwards.

Gift Vouchers
We do have gift vouchers available in the shop, for whatever amount you would like to purchase, and they can be used for any purchase, clean, resize or repair.

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